Cybersecurity in the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) ensures the intentional or unintentional prevention of all those actions that interfere with the correct functioning of the industrial control and automation systems, which operate and interact with and through computers, networks, operating systems, applications and any other programmable system or component of the industry.

Our specialists will accompany you in the process of evaluating the cybersecurity of your control systems and safety instrumented systems, detecting the possible threats they may be exposed to, and establishing the measures necessary to reduce the risk of cyber attacks to a tolerable level defined by the organization, in compliance with the standard IEC 62443 and the adjustments made to the standard IEC-61511.

The life cycle of Cybersecurity is composed primarily of three major phases:

Assessment stage.

a) High-level assessment of the Cyber Risk.
b) Location of components of the IACS (Industrial Automation and Control Systems).
c) Detailed assessment of the Cyber Risk.

Maintenance stage.

a) Maintenance, monitoring and management of the change of the cybersecurity.
b) Response to and recovery from cybersecurity incidents.

Maintenance stage.

a) Assessment.
b) Implementation.
c) Maintenance.