Our company specializes in engineering services, Process Safety, & Outsourcing, designed to provide the industry with a wide range of comprehensive solutions, based on total customer satisfaction within the business environment.

BFC Consulting has the experience and resources to develop specialized engineering risk management, providing acceptable levels of safety and improving the reliability of processes, allowing the operations within the plant to develop in a comprehensive security context, using procedures and methodologies for the identification and assessment of risks in the process, as well as technical and operational recommendations for the prevention, reduction and/or mitigation of identified hazards.

BFC Consulting is committed to the objectives of our customers under the premise of establishing relationships based on a process of continuous improvement.

The Process Safety Management (PSM) is a model that helps all those factors that are involved in the processes to define safe operating limits and to improve the performance of the security processes so they are operated within established limits.

BFC Consulting has qualified and certified personnel, necessary to evaluate, develop, and implement programs of induction and training to prevent accidents, establishing systems and programs of industrial health and safety based on the customer’s needs, considering the iteration of the people, process, legal framework, and safety equipment that will control occupational hazards in the industry.

The purpose of training is to increase the skills and knowledge of each of the company’s collaborators, which is itself a powerful stimulus to develop their personal and professional growth in a healthy manner.

Our goal in engineering services is to provide expert technical support for the optimization of industrial processes and the application of the best practices in the industry to achieve an outstanding level of competitiveness within a business environment. Our premise is to provide our customers comprehensive solutions according to their requirements.

BFC Consulting considers Management Systems as a strategy for the continuous improvement of enterprises, which is why in supporting solutions and environmental requirements Management Systems are dealt with in their lines of business.