• BFC Consulting

    Functional Safety and Cybersecurity

    We provide consulting and services for oil & gas, petrochemical and manufacturing industries.

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    BFC Consulting


    Applying our knowledge, experience and resources to solve problems in specific areas.

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    BFC Consulting


    BFC Consulting offers our customers a wide variety of courses, workshops and training focused on the needs of the industry in general.

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    BFC Consulting

    The Gas Industry

    We provide participants basic knowledge on fire and the skills to respond to an emergency.

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    BFC Consulting

    Oil Industry

    We provide the participants the knowledge and skills required to recognize a hazardous material by its signal, establishing control of the place and protect his life and that of others.

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  • Risk Analysis

    BFC Consulting has the experience and the resources for specialized development in engineering risk management, which provides acceptable levels of security and improves the reliability of the process, allowing the operation within the plant to develop in a context of integral security, using procedures and methodologies for the identification and risk evaluation within the process.

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    Our goal within the engineering services is to offer specialized technical support for the optimization of the industrial processes and the implementation of the best practices in the industry to achieve an outstanding level of competitiveness within a business environment.

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    Our training area provides solutions under rigorous quality control standards, designed and facilitated by accredited specialists, in the fields of Process Safety, Industrial Health and Safety, Environment and Quality System.

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    Safety,  Health,  Environmental Protection

    BFC Consulting counts with the qualified and certified personnel necessary to evaluate, develop and implement programs of induction and training to prevent accidents, establishing systems and programs of industrial health and safety based on the needs of the client, considering the iteration of the people, the process, legal framework and safety equipment that allows to the control of occupational hazards in the industry.

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    Management Systems

    BFC Consulting considers Management Systems as a strategy for the continuous improvement of enterprises, which is why in support of the integrated solutions and the environmental requirements, Management Systems are dealt with in their lines of business.